We are helping architects and interior designers to create and deliver better, smarter designs.

Bimarium is the result of a deep love, appreciation and understanding of interior design, the creative process behind it and the effort of reconciling what’s in the imagination with what’s out there, on the market. Built by architects for architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts, Bimarium strives to fuel the discovery process by offering BIM objects of existing, iconic pieces of furniture that allow you to express your creative vision directly in software

Our models are picture perfect, high-poly, low-poly 3D versions of furniture from worldwide known brands or upcoming, local producers. All the 3D models in our library can be downloaded for free and come compatible with six different architecture softwares. Because we know that a good 3D design will likely become someone’s home or office space, Bimarium also offers the infrastructure for architects and interior designers to directly place furniture orders with us and earn commissions in exchange.

In other words, Bimarium eases and inspires the design process by offering BIM variations of furniture and facilitates the acquisition of those pieces of furniture, therefore becoming an indispensable tool for better, smarter designs.

For architects and interior designers in need of inspiration
Biamarium in 3D mode

Ligne Roset
Walter Knoll
Carl Hansen & Son
B&B Italia
Poltrona Frau

For architects and interior designers that are ready to take their ideas from 3D into real life
Bimarium in Buying mode

Bucin Mob
Mark Oliver

These are the values that drive us and stand at the core of everything we do:


Bimarium exists to help architects and interior designers be better at what they do, namely to create and execute more inspired designs at a more efficient pace. That is why we take our role very seriously and we curate a wide range of BIM objects that can be quickly discovered, accessed, organised and used in projects.


We are fuelled by a growth mindset which means that we strive to become better everyday. Be it in the objects we offer, the types of supported softwares, the additional services we are exploring, you can rest assured that Bimarium will only keep on becoming more useful to you and ultimately, an integral part of the design process.


Architects and interior designers are bonded by a common passion for design. Because Bimarium is the product of architects, it looks to serve this entire group, by offering objects and services that only makes that passion result in better results, happier clients and a more flourishing overall community.


Stefan, Diana and Adrian are the people behind Bimarium. Together, they spend their days and nights devising new ways of improving Bimarium, so as to ensure that architects and interior designers from around the world have everything they need to create and deliver better, smarter designs.

Stefan Crăciunoiu is an architect and a 3D and rendering passionate. He is the mastermind behind all of our BIM objects, a numbers fanatic and an endless source of optimism and good disposition.

Diana C. Rus has an MA in Business Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science and an eye for good design. Her mission? Make Bimarium the number 1 hub for architects and designers around the globe.

Adrian Ene is a self-taught web developer. He is spending his days with hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming to front end, user experience and user interface.

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