3D models for your projects. Real furniture for your clients. Sale commissions for you

Design phase / 3D Mode

A. Use Bimarium in 3D Mode to see and download the 3D models available

Our models are made in-house and they are, in as much as possible, the exact 3D replica of the real product. Because we know architects use a variety of different softwares and tools to illustrate their ideas, our models come in low poly and high poly and carry the following extensions: gsm (Archicad), .skp (SketchUP), .max (3DS Max), .3dm (Rhino), .obj and .3ds.

B. Swap between 3D Mode and Buying Mode to see which pieces of furniture can be purchased by your client, at your recommendation.

Upgrading to a buying account means that you can see and decide to use in your projects exactly those pieces (3D models) that are available to buy on Bimarium, even when your projects are still in the design phase. In this way, you have the 3D models but also the certainty that once your client approved your work, you can easily place an order and get rewarded for it.

Implementation phase / Buying Mode

C. Organise what furniture you used for which project in My Projects

With a Buyer Account, you can now easily organise your work by using My Projects. There, you can have designated folders for each project, containing all the products used in a design and generate entire product lists, with prices and configurations to show your clients before placing an order with us.

D. See the exact commission you earn if your client buys from Bimarium

As your product list for a given project is complete, in My Projects you will be able to see the amount that you will earn in commissions as a result of getting your client to purchase the entire selection from Bimarium. This amount can either be kept in your account or reclaimed at any time.

E. Easily create your client’s shopping cart

From My Projects, you will be able to directly add a product list for a designated project in My Cart. After this, you will be required to input your client’s details, namely Name, Address, Email and then select the payment option that your client would like to opt for.

F. Send him a link where he can pay online or the direct invoice for bank transfer

On Bimarium, there are two payment possibilities. You can opt for bank transfer, case in which both you and your client will get the invoice for the order you placed via email. The other option is through online payment. Once you selected this option, both you and your client will get an email that will contain the link to the payment page. There, your client can securely input his credit card details and pay for the order.

G. Keep track of all the orders and commissions earned in My Wallet

In My Wallet you will have a summary of all the orders that you placed with us, the commissions you earned and the option to Get Paid. For us to transfer the amount to you, we will need an invoice from you on the exact amount you earned in commissions.

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