Shop the furniture behind the BIM Object

Design with BIM objects. Recommend furniture from our shop. Get sale-based commissions.

Bimarium Buyer account takes you from 3D Mode to Buying Mode.

A BUYER ACCOUNT on Bimarium allows you to see and use the website as an online design furniture store only for architects, designers and professionals like you

With a BUYER ACCOUNT you can

access relevant product information

Find out prices, delivery times, and configurations available for each BIM object you use in your designs.

create entire furniture product lists

Create and share with your client entire furniture product lists, that are available to purchase from Bimarium.

you order furniture, your client pays

It is you that will order the furniture for your client, however the payment will be made by your client.

earn sale-based commissions

When your clients decide to purchase from Bimarium, you will get up to 10% of the order value

Access relevant product information

Changing between a BIM object page and a real product page by clicking on "SEE PRODUCT IN SHOP" will allow you to see the object as a real furniture piece, and find out all the relevant details when you need them. In this way, you’ll stay on top of costs, configurations and delivery times.

Create entire furniture product lists

Using My Projects you will be able to organise your work in different project folders and create individual furniture product lists that you can directly send to your client. Pressing the share button, will directly copy the link to the clipboard.

You order furniture, your client pays

Select the products your client wants to buy, put them in My Cart, fill in your client’s details and select the payment method. If by bank transfer, both you and your client will receive the invoice. If online with card, both you and your client will receive a secure link to the payment portal.

Earn sale-based commissions

Because what you recommend, your clients buy, we reward you for the sales you generated on Bimarium. In My Wallet you will be able to view and manage your commissions.

Ready to visit our shop?

For any questions regarding how to best use Bimarium\'s 3D library and shop, go to our FAQ. If your question, doesn\'t find its answer there write us at

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