BIMARIUM helps architects and interior designers create and deliver better, smarter designs.

Search our library and use our BIM objects
to better ilustrate your concepts to your end clients.

Our BIM Objects are

  compatible with Graphisoft Archicad®, Rhinoceros®, Autodesk 3ds MAX®, SketchUp®

  can be imported in other softwares via our *.obj and *.3ds formats

  made after existing, designer furniture

  come in high-poly and low-poly geometry

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BIMARIUM usage plans

Want to start using us rightaway? You can:

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Choose one of our prepay plans to access the PREMIUM BIM Objects

(one time payment)
1$ bonus
up to 13 objects
(one time payment)
3$ bonus
up to 28 objects
(one time payment)
10$ bonus
up to 50 objects
(one time payment)
50$ bonus
up to 150 premium objects

With PREMIUM BIM Objects you get

  great savings; best price/value on the market

  you prepaid balance never expires

  instant models download

  history of downloads; you can always redownload you bought models

Start downloading and create better, smarter designs

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