3D users

1. Do I need to register in order to download BIM objects?
Yes. A quick, 2 minute registration is required in order to download BIM objects from Bimarium.com

2. How much does it cost to use the BIM objects you provide?
Bimarium.com is free of charge. Only a quick registration is required.

3. I am now registered. How do I download BIM objects?
Before downloading your preferred objects, you have to find them and that is where our search bar comes in handy. Type in the name of the manufacturer or the type of product you are looking for and browse the results. To further narrow your search, use the filters placed on the left hand side of the screen. After you’ve made your decision, click the format you’d like the object to be downloaded in (these are found under the manufacturer’s logo) and then you are good to go

4. Is there a limit of objects I can download?
Bimarium is constructed as a source of 3D content that is there help you deliver better, smarter designs. That’s why, we like it when you visit us recurrently to get the models you need for your work. For this reason, there is a limit of 50 downloads in 24 hours.

5. What if I found BIM objects that I want to download but they are not customised to the software I work in?
We are continually expanding our offering of supported softwares. You can always reach out to us via the Support section and tell us what you’d like to find on Bimarium. Alternatively, try to import the .3DS or .OBJ format files in your software.

6. The pictures that accompany the BIM objects have textures, yet the models I downloaded don’t. What did I do wrong?
Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. The models that we provide don’t have textures. You can add/change textures in the software that you are using. Also, please check the product sheet provided to see all the available information about the product.

7. Are your BIM objects different than others?
Bimarium strives to be the first go-to-place for professionally sourced BIM objects. How is it that we do this? By providing the best models for all our users. Coming from an architectural background, we know how the design process works and the loopholes inherent in it. We also know that users are different and have various needs and expectations. Combining this with the cumbersome process of integrating highly complex models that slow down even the most powerful computers, interrupting the workflow, our offering has been tailored both aesthetically and functionally. Therefore, on Bimarium, you’ll find both low-poly and high-poly BIM objects of furniture, carefully curated from across a wide range of furniture producers. The low-poly 3D models look amazing and provide you with the in-software speed and ease of movement you always wanted. The high-poly, BIM objects, satisfy even the most perfectionist user. Currently the .MAX and .OBJ formats are high-poly and all the other low-poly. In addition, you can see the size of our 3D models before you download them which means you will never be blindsided by long downloading times and storage problems.

8. Should I download all the objects and keep them in my computer?
There is no need for you to fill your computer memory with BIM objects. That is because you will always find them here, on bimarium.com. Also, from personal experience, we know how hard it is to keep them organised. That is why, you can access them in the favorite section of your account or use the search bar and filters to find the models you are looking for. Additionally, this will also save you a lot of time.

9. Where can I find additional information about the objects on Bimarium.com?
All the BIM objects on Bimarium are accompanied by further informations and functions such as: a link to the object page on the manufacturer’s website and a product sheet. For some formats, like the .gsm (ie. Archicad Graphisoft objects), you will find all the information embedded in the object and visible once the object has been opened in the software.

Buyer users

I. Buyer account

1. Why should I consider upgrading to a Buyer account?
Going from a 3D only account to a Buyer account allows you to use Bimarium in two different ways:

  • as a library of 3D models for 6+ architecture softwares
  • as an online furniture store, where you can go and recommend your clients the pieces they should buy after they agreed to implement your 3D interior design.

This means that with a Buyer account on Bimarium you will be able to use those 3D models that your client can also easily purchase, at your recommendation. All these recommendations come as sale commissions for you, that grow in accordance with how much furniture your clients end up buying from Bimarium. The percentages rate from 5 to 10% as following:

  • Up to 10,000 euros→ 5% of every sale generated on Bimarium
  • From 10,000 euros→ 10% of every sale generated on Bimarium

2. What do I have to do to become a Buyer?
It’s easy. Go to My Account, Buyer and once there you'll be requested to input the following fields and press Continue:

  • Your Real Name (in case you haven’t been honest the first time)
  • Your LinkedIn account
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • City
You have now applied for a Buyer Account. Within 24 hours you should receive a confirmation e-mail from us that you can now see and use Bimarium as a shop

3. Why do you need my company name?
For us to be able to pay you the commissions you earned from generating sales on Bimarium, we need to receive an invoice from you. This step allows us to make sure that you do have this information in mind before registering as a User Buyer and recommending your clients to shop from Bimarium.

4. Where can I see the commission I earned so far?
When you click on your name in the right hand corner, you’ll see My Wallet, a documented history of all the orders that you closed and the total amount earned in commissions. You can always keep your commission there or ask that we transfer it, in exchange for an invoice. Once you reclaim it, the amount earned as commission will be reset, yet your cumulated order value will remain steady.

II. Website

5. What is the difference between the 3D mode and the Buying mode of viewing the site?
In 3D mode you can see all the 3D models from the Bimarium library. You can search for specific objects, view them, add them to Favorites or download them and use them in your projects. In Buying Mode, when you go on BIM OBJECTS you’ll see those products that are also 3D models and real furniture that you can recommend your client to buy. In this way, by viewing Bimarium in Buying mode you can see what objects you can design with and your client can also easily buy when he accepted your design ideas. Also, with Buying Mode on you can see the pages of all the producers on Bimarium and the story behind each one.

And the most important perhaps, Bimarium in 3D mode is blue whilst Bimarium in Buying mode is pink

7. What is My Projects about?
My Projects is about organising the pieces you use according to the projects you’re working on. There you can make different folders, name them accordingly and keep track of what you used for what project. Once you are ready to take your design into implementation phase, you will be able to:

  • send the entire list of products to your client for confirmation of purchase
  • add all the products in shopping cart and initiate the buying process

III. 3D mode

8. Is anything different in 3D mode now that Buying mode exists?
Yes. That you can also see the 3D model page in Buying mode. That means seeing how much the object costs and whether it fits the budget, the configurations available for and the delivery times. This allows for smarter design, as you know from the start that you’ll respect the client’s budget and the completion time of the project.

IV. Website

9. How to purchase for your clients?
Simple. Go to My Projects to see what pieces you used in what project. Then, add those pieces that your client liked to Shopping Cart. Once there, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Fill in the details of your client (ie. name, company, delivery address, email etc)
  • Select between the two payment methods: bank transfer and online payment

If you opt for bank transfer, we will email both you and your client the invoice within 24 hours and your client will be requested to pay the amount within 5 working days. If you opt for online payment, both you and your client will receive an email comprising a link that when accessed will take your client to our safe payment method processed through Netopia, Mobile Pay. The link will be valid for 5 days

10. How can I customize the products for my client?
On the page of every product in Buying Mode you’ll find the Configure button. By clicking there a new tab will appear that contains all the available options for your product. Once you made up your mind, you can click on Add to cart if you’re sure your client will buy this product or Add to Project, an option that allows you to save this product and its configurations for later.

11. How does my client actually pay?
Once your client has agreed, you put in his details and do one of the following:

  • Select the “Pay by bank transfer” option. In 24 hours, both you and your client will receive an invoice from us and we expect the money to be transferred within five working days
  • Select the “Pay by card” option. In 24 hours, both you and your client will receive an email with a link that will redirect your client to our online payment system

12. Do the products get bundled together in one delivery?
At the moment no. Given that this is the first version of Buying mode, we cannot ensure that products get shipped together and at the same time. In other words, if you place orders with different producers, your client will get them at separate times and in separate deliveries.

13. What happens when the delivery is late, the order is wrong and/or damaged?
Then you give us a message via Support telling us what the problem is or write us an email on shop@bimarium.com. We will call you directly and find the right solution or explanation for the issue.

14. How is my commission calculated?
See I.Buyer Account, point 1

15. How does my commission get to me?
The first step is to click on the “Get Paid” button in the My Wallet section of My Account. We will then confirm the request via email.
Very important to note is that payments from us to you will be made twice a month, on the 1st and 15th and only once we received from you an invoice for the respective amount.

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