This privacy policy is active as of 25 of May 2018 and is in accordance with the new Data Law Protection (GDPR).

At Bimarium we care about your privacy. That is why, we have rewritten this privacy policy to make it easier for you to understand how your Personal Data is handled and to what purposes.

In other words, this Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and store your Personal Data of primary (the data you provide us about yourself) and secondary degree (the data you provide us about your clients) when you access and use Bimarium’s content and services. What it also does is to inform you of the choices and rights you have regarding your Personal Data.

To make it easier for you to go through this information, the table of contents below will give you an overview of what we will cover in this Privacy Policy:

Table of contents:

  • What is Personal Data?
  • What Personal Data do we collect
    • Primary degree
      • Buyer Users
    • Secondary degree
  • How do we use your Personal Data
  • Sharing of your Personal Data
  • Cookies Policy
  • Your choices and rights
  • You agreement to our Privacy Policy

1. What is Personal Data?

Personal Data or Personally Identifiable Information is information that is associated with a living, identifiable person and falls under the protection of the “Data Protection Laws”. Throughout this privacy policy, this information will be referred to as Personal Data.

2. What Personal Data do we collect?

We collect Personal Data that comes as a result of you having an account on and using the 3D content and the commercial services that we have rolled out (currently available only to our users in Romania). The provision of this information is of course of a voluntary nature however, failing to provide it entails that you will not be able to use our website as a registered user.

All the information that we require when signing up or upgrading to a Buyer Account on are compulsory because they allow us to:

  • Make sure that you are indeed an architect, designer or 3D enthusiast
  • Make sure that your location matches our commercial services which addresses Romanian based architects and designers
  • Make sure that we have all the information that we need to satisfy orders and repay you the commissions you earn as a result of your Buyer Account
We have differentiated between Primary Degree and Secondary Degree Personal Data as explained below:
  • Primary degree Personal Data

The primary degree Personal Data refers to all the information you provide us about yourself. As a user that uses our 3D/BIM library for free you will be required to provide us with the following information about yourself:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Country
  • Occupation
  • Password

Additionally, you have the option to provide us with the following information:

  • Website
  • Company

As a user of Buying Mode Bimarium, you will have a Buyer Account which will entail providing the following extra informations:

  • City in Romania
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Phone Number (optional)

Please keep in mind that the Information you are requested or have an option to provide when registering for an account on may change from time to time.

Further usage information:

We also collect information about your computer hardware and software, your IP address, browser type, device, access times, referring website addresses and the 3D content you have downloaded from Bimarium. All this is done by means of the cookies we use, which are all clearly enumerated and explained in our Cookie Policy.

  • Secondary Degree Personal Data

This section relates and applies exclusively to users that can currently use our commercial services through our Buyer Account. For the current time, this section will only be relevant to users in Romania, as they are the only ones who can use Bimarium in Buyer Mode.

Because our users can place furniture orders with us for their clients, we treat the information that our users provide us about their clients as Secondary Degree Personal Data. This is what type of Secondary Degree information we collect in order to satisfy the orders that our users place on

  • Name of client
  • Address
  • Delivery address (if different)
  • Company (optional)

To be noted that the information pertaining to our user’s clients will be used only for as long as we need to satisfy an order, after which the data will be cleared from our system.

3. How do we use your Personal Data

a. To give access/restrict your use of Bimarium

We use information regarding location to be able to differentiate between potential users of Buyer Mode Bimarium and normal 3D users.

b. To analyse and improve our content and services

Keeping information regarding the number of downloads, formats and types of 3D content downloaded gives us enough material to analyse and draw better conclusions regarding what type of 3D models we should further include in our library.

c. To communicate with you

We use your Personal Data so as to be able to communicate with you by responding to your requests, comments and questions. When you contact us, we may use your information to respond. It may also be that we send emails about technical updates so as to ensure a safer use of our Services or to update you of changes to our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy. These exchange in communications are part of our Services and you may not opt out of them.

d. Inform you regarding new services/content

Bimarium is a start-up that addresses architects, interior designers and 3D enthusiasts exclusively. Our goal is to help you create and deliver better, smarter designs and to this end, we have different services and features that we rolled out, such as Buying Mode Bimarium. For you to keep track of all these new ways of using we sometimes send emails. All of these will contain an opt out button that you can use to signal that you do not wish to stay informed regarding new developments on

4. Sharing of your Personal Data

Bimarium does not share your Personal Data with anyone, for any purposes. We do our analysis, promotions and development of further services in-house.

5. Cookies Policy

Our cookies policy refers to the aggregated, not identifiable information we collect when users use our site. To read about out cookies policy, please go to Cookie Policy.

6. Your choices and rights

Data retention, access and deletion

The Personal Data enumerated above is kept for as long as your account is still active. Even in cases when you use our content or services only occasionally we will retain your personal data until you decide to close your account.

You can manage your account, delete it and agree or disagree to receive occasional news from us via email anytime via My Account.

It is your right to request that we provide you with a copy of all the information we have on you. To access such a copy, please write us at

Right to be forgotten

It is within your right to have all your data deleted. If you would like to make use of this right, close your account or write us at

7. Your agreement to our Privacy Policy

Continuing to use implies that you fully accept this Privacy Policy and the Personal Data collected and used for the purposes above explained.

We use cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to visit this website you agree to our use of cookies.