Bimarium started with an idea. What if we could use our existing software knowledge to develop BIM Objects of furniture that could help other fellow architects, designers or visualization artists to better and smarter illustrate their interior design concepts? Bimarium resulted out of passion and dedication for the world of rendering and 3D modelling and our motivation to continue on this road grew in direct proportion with you, our users.

At the present moment, in a bit longer than a year, Bimarium has over 11,000 users that have downloaded more than 135,000 models. Also, more than 56% of all of our users are returning to the site when they need content for their projects. We are extremely happy that we achieved that initial goal of providing you with good quality and free BIM Objects, made after real and iconic furniture pieces.

Like any project that starts from an ideal and a genuine desire to do something of quality and value to other fellow professionals, Bimarium came to a point where we had to ask ourselves: where are we going with this? We were quite aware that our mission of helping design professionals do better and smarter interior designs could only go on if Bimarium generates the resources to independently support itself.

Here is where you play a part. With your support we could continue to do what we do best: create BIM objects of furniture, in both low poly and high poly, add additional features like UV Mapping and develop new extensions for softwares like Revit. What this means is that Bimarium is putting its survival and growth in your hands. By choosing to pay for the content you use, you can help us move forward. We have thought long and hard about what is the optimal way in transitioning from a free to a paid model and the four Bimarium Usage Plans are our proposal.

We know that you don’t always need BIM Objects. You might use Bimarium heavily in one month and not at all in the next. So the Prepaid Usage Plans allow you to buy our premium models priced at 1 or 2$ per extension when you need them, without having a time limit attached. Whether you choose the 5, 12, 25 or the 40$ plan, you will be able to download as many objects as your balance allows. Every time you sign in on Bimarium, your existing balance will show up in the right hand corner making it easy for you to plan your desired downloads.Visit our Pricing section to go through all of our plans.

Because we still want our work to help as many professionals in this domain to create better and smarter interior designs, some of our models will continue to be free.

Bimarium is changing and with this article I wanted to make it very clear to you, our users, how and most importantly why. We know that this is not going to please everyone but we do hope you understand our standpoint and that you will choose to support us further. This section is called Conversations and that is because we appreciate the power of exchanging ideas and suggestions. So if you have one or perhaps many ideas or suggestions for us, I’d love to hear them either via our Contact section or by writing me directly at [email protected].

Until then, I wish you many more better and smarter interior designs.

Yours sincerely,

Stefan, Architect & Bimarium Co-founder

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